What We Research

For a Better Future

At Somnos Clinical Research we are able to provide a wide range of research services both for Physicians and Sponsors. From simple blood and serum collection, to complex Phase III trials. We have a diverse patient population and experienced Principle Investigators that enable us to successfully conduct clinical research in a wide variety of specialties, with the goal of making the future better for all.

A Focused Approach

Our approach to research is somewhat unique because we provide experienced staff to manage the studies. This means the doctor’s staff does not have to be concerned about the paperwork and administration that comes with doing clinical research. We handle everything from patient recruitment, to study close out, and all the paperwork and patient visits in between.

Clinical Strengths

A Focused Approach

 Somnos was founded as a clinical research firm, and we are proud of our history and the important advancements that we have helped our clients to achieve. Unlike a medical practice that has taken on clinical testing, our operating procedures are developed from a research perspective with our clients in mind. Somnos is dedicated to the strict operating procedures and reliable, meticulous documentation that make clinical research a success. We consistently balance the precision needed for clinical testing with the flexibility our clients require.

Capable Participant Recruitment

 For Sponsors we offer an extensive database for a wide variety of specialties, many of which are listed on the home page. Somnos is able to provide our clients with recruitment of study participants when needed. We offer an extensive database of pulmonary and sleep disorder patients who are available for recruitment, as well as other specialized and general populations. We work closely with our clients to ensure all research participants meet stringent and relevant criteria.

Controlled Clinic Setting

In addition to establishing remote testing facilities at any location, Somnos can also conduct testing at its research facility, located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Somnos facility offers the utmost in participant convenience and comfort, while also providing a controlled setting designed for precise testing and reliable results. Private bedrooms are available for sleep-related research studies.

Exceptional Client Support

 Somnos prides itself on exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our team will have a full understanding of your research objectives, and will partner with you to realize your research goals. We will also fully support contract research organization monitors during their on-site visits, and are pleased to provide them with private office space outfitted with phone and high-speed internet access and other amenities.